“Lady you are the best trainer ever!! I did some of my peg/dumbbell up the wall planks and had the best run of the season. Who would’ve thought my latissimus dorsi and scapula slowed my legs down?” – Henrietta Rios, Hotel General Manager

“Katie’s pilates classes have helped with pelvic /core issues.  I am now able to run without feeling like my bladder and pelvis are going to drop out of my body – it was just what my Pelvic Physical Therapist ordered!” – Diana O’Brien, Pelvic Physical Therapist

“Katie uses the right mix of humor, seriousness, and inspiration to encourage me to try just a little harder.  She is always aware of each of her clients and what they personally need.  I remember that I turned in my best 25K skate ski race time after working out with her previous to the West Yellowstone Rendezvous.  I had improved strength, balance and a desire to try my hardest.  Thanks Katie!”- Ann Makley, Teacher

“I love training with Katie!  She is always positive, encouraging and really cares about my progress.  I feel very comfortable in my body while training with Katie.  She remembers all my past injuries and helps me modify with ease.”- Maddy Remlinger, Executive Associate

“I was referred to Katie by Diana O’Brian at All Body Therapy after having two babies close together. I had seen Katie train from a distance for months and loved the tailored workouts she did for each client. Once I began working out with her, I was hooked. The low impact effectiveness of her Pilates training and the circuit exercises we did left me feeling strong and empowered. Thank you, Katie, for helping me get fit after babies!” –Hillary Munro, Small Business Owner/Mother

“As a professional that spends up to 12 hours a day staring at a computer, Katie has helped me dramatically decrease my weekly Advil count while increasing my stamina on the trails and mountains surrounding Jackson Hole.  Her workout has been easy to incorporate into my other activities as it exhausts me during the workout, but does not leave me sore the next day.” – Matt Confer, Lawyer

“Katie is fabulous. She is a master at tailoring your workout to your individual needs and helping her clients work on troubled areas. She will challenge you at the same time as helping you to workout in a healthy manner. One of the best.” – Megan Smith, Professional Biologist